I  am Oyewale Oyelami, a Christian, proud native of Ibadan, Nigeria. I am a Software Developer and my proficiency and experience generally circles around extensive use of Java technologies, PHP and other related open source technologies. I write here about things I am passionate, interested in and momentarily excited about.

I am always open to working on/with new, exciting, interesting technologies as well as projects.


I was privileged to work as a Software Developer for about 2 years at one of the most reputable FinTech StartUp in Nigeria; Electronic Settlements Limited where my core responsibilities involve but not limited to:

  • Custom Web Application Development.
  • Android Mobile Application Development.
  • Web Payment Plugin Development.

I was also a member of the founding and development team of CareMedica: a robust electronic health record (EHR) management system.


  • Programming Languages: Java, PHP, Python and JavaScript
  • Development Frameworks: Jquery, Bootstrap, Spring, Flask  and Laravel.
  • Development Tools: Maven, NetBeans, Eclipse, JetBrains ( IntelliJ and PhpStorm)
  • Communication Tools: Slack and HipChat
  • Management Tool: Jira
  • Database: MySql, CouchDB and Neo4J
  • Code Versioning: Git


  • Football: My love for Liverpool Football Club is unquestionable and also play Amateur Football
  • Walking and Running: I love walking and running a lot, as they both helps me stay away from the PC when necessary and to improve my physical and mental fitness.
  • Music: I generally love good music not minding the genre or language.
  • Travelling: I also love travelling as it avails me the opportunity to meet new people and learn about different cultures.


  • Email: me at oyewaleoyelami dot com
  • LinkedIn