Technology, Digital Payment Solutions and Africa’s Future

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It is almost a year that I submitted a short write up on the above topic for the Africa Technology Summit Ticket to serve as a personal guide not only a technology enthusiast but also as an active member of the ecosystem.

History is there to guide us when it comes to decision making and at the heart of Africa’s history, we have the trade (i.e. education, goods and services, tourism. etc.) not minding the formalities and legality. African countries should, therefore, identify their individual strengths (values), develop them to a marketable and exportable level so as to benefit other nations who may need them as finished products or as prerequisites to produce theirs thereby continuing the value-exchange cycle.

Payment in numerous forms lies at the centre of every exchange of values with its digital approach over the years proved to be a better and preferable way while there are continuous efforts to make it even better. The volume of value-exchange taking place will be a function of the number of participants (population) which is not a limiting factor for Africa.

We, therefore, must identify ways to offer digital payment solutions that will first absorb and educate African “traders” considering the level of literacy, infrastructure and her multi-lingual, multi-currencies, multicultural dynamism.
Africa future lies in exchange of values within her nations, at the centre of this exchanges is the need for payment and which has its digital approach as the best.