Politicians will always do politics as much as they can whether morally right or not so I will say you must do the same with that your single and precious vote in the next coming election. This season of election is upon us all, do not allow anyone to give you something to hate thereby…Continue Reading “ELECTION IS HERE AGAIN, BE SELFISH, BE RESPONSIBLE: USE YOUR HEAD”

So a close friend of mine posted and asked this question on his Facebook wall on the 10th of April, 2019 “It is pitiful that those talking against the Presidential ambition of young minds are young minds. Are we cursed?” Below represents my long comment under his post (with little edit after proof-reading but exactly…Continue Reading “WE ARE NOT CURSED AND THERE IS NOTHING PITIFUL ABOUT IT “

This is a simple stepwise approach to show the basic steps involved in connecting a typical Java application to Neo4J graph database. Your final output should look similar to what we have in the image below. The data displayed are the ones retrieved from Neo4J, the creation of the data is also covered later in…Continue Reading “How To Connect Java : Spring MVC to Neo4J Graph Database”

It is always funny and annoying sometimes that every time we have to rant about clergymen living or spending lavishly we always narrow the argument down to an attack on tithe and offerings or those that try to pay it faithfully and diligently in disguise of an attempt to educate or liberate them. ..then you…Continue Reading “Stop Bashing Tithe and Offerings, Make your Pastor more accountable instead”

I am presently working on a team project where we were tasked with the responsibilities of developing a biology domain-driven application. Of course, it is a research project and part of the requirements for my present academic programme, therefore I will only be able to talk about the generic part as regards technologies learnt and…Continue Reading “WHY and WHEN you should consider a Graph Database for your next project: NEO4J”

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” -Abraham Lincoln. Permit me to substitute the word “work” for “hustle” in the above quote. I often wonder if we have to play catch up in everything while dwelling on things that other developed nations have or are already…Continue Reading “of the many problems hindering HealthCare digitization in Nigeria”

It is almost a year that I submitted a short write up on the above topic for the Africa Technology Summit Ticket to serve as a personal guide not only a technology enthusiast but also as an active member of the ecosystem. History is there to guide us when it comes to decision making and at…Continue Reading “Technology, Digital Payment Solutions and Africa’s Future”